History – timeline

The true wander of APSI’s central point. Background: Geological Map of the Fennoscandian Shield.



  • October: 14th member accepted. APSI central point shifts toward the coast of Norway.
  • June: APSI contributes to the Summanen crater exhibition at the Kivikauden kylä museum in Saarijärvi, Finland.



  • December: APSI contribution #7 online. Topic: Outflow channel evolution on Mars, in Planet. Space Sci.
  • November: 40th expert interview by an APSI member given to media.
  • September: 11th member accepted. APSI is now multinational and spans over three countries. The central point resides now north of the Lappajärvi impact crater.
  • April: 25th APSI affiliated public lecture presented in Rovaniemi.
  • March: 1st honorary member invited.
  • March: 1st PhD defence in APSI history: “Visible and near infrared spectroscopy of Mercury and Venus from orbit“. The dissertation is available here.


  • The APSI central point wanders near the Lappajärvi impact crater in Ostrobothnia (Finland).
  • December: New logo released.
  • December: Web pages published.
  • October: 100th APSI affiliated public science article published.
  • September: 10th APSI conference abstract.
  • June: Project on NASA Nordic Regional Planetary Image Facility archive relocation ends. APSI transfers the materials in the to Järviseutu-Seura ry. The unique planetary images are to be used as foundation of a new science exhibition around the impact crater lake Lappajärvi.
  • March: APSI contribution #6 published. Topic: The two Suvasvesi impact structures’ ages, in Meteorit. Planet. Sci.
  • February: APSI contribution #5 published. Topic: The Keurusselkä impact structure age, in Meteorit. Planet. Sci.


  • December: APSI officially registered in the Finnish Register of Associations. Apsi central point resides firmly near the University of Oulu (Finland).
  • November: APSI officially founded with 6 founding members.
  • October: APSI contribution #4 published. Topic: The basalts of Mare Frigoris in J. Geophys. Res. Planets.
  • June: APSI project on the Finnish impact crater book started.
  • APSI members contribute to the Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms as writers and editors.