History – timeline


  • December: New logo accepted
  • December: Web pages published
  • December: 9th member accepted
  • June: APSI transfers the materials in the NASA NRPIF (Nordic Regional Planetary Image Facility) archive to Järviseutu-Seura ry. The unique planetary images are to be used as foundation of a new science exhibition around the impact crater lake Lappajärvi.
  • February: Fifth APSI contribution published (in MaPS).


  • December: APSI officially registered in the Finnish Register of Associations.
  • November: APSI officially founded with 6 founding members.


  • June: Second APSI contribution published (in JGR).
  • February: First APSI contribution published (in Icarus).


  • November: APSI headquarters moves to Rovaniemi.
  • October: Current and future APSI members seek solutions to save the invaluable materials in the NASA NRPIF archive. Process continues until mid-2016.
  • Early autumn: APSI (unregistered) founded.