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  • In English:
    • Planetary news: About planetology and related topics. By organizations, universities, news, etc.
    • Planetary mission news: About missions to planets, moons and asteroids and beyond. By teams operating the landers, orbiters, probes, or their instruments, etc.
    • Impact crater news: About asteroids, comet collisions, impacts and the resulting craters. Research, news, etc.
    • Meteorite news: About those rocks from space that do not (mostly) form craters. Research, collectors, news, etc.
    • Volcanism news: About volcanism. Alerts, research, enthusiasts, guides and researchers.
    • Space news: About other spacy stuff, such as astronomy, manned space flight, or general topics. By organizations, institutes, universities, and news sources.
    • Science news: About science. Mainly by news sources.
  • In Finnish:
    • Uutisia suoraan tieteentekijöiltä: Suomalaista tiedettä ja tutkimusta suoraan tekijäorganisaatioilta. Lähteet: yliopistot, tutkimuslaitokset, viranomaiset, yms.
    • Tiedeuutisia suomeksi: Tiedeuutisia suomalaisilta journalisteilta, sekä tiedeharrastajien tarjoamia tietoja. Pääosin suomeksi.