Niko Koskensalmi

At Steindalsbreen glacier in Lyngen, Norway, midsummer 2012.

Niko Koskensalmi, geologist

  • Tel: +358 (50) 559 1318
  • Email: NikoKosk

Me and my planetary geology

My skills are in mineralogy, sedimentary geology, microscopy (polarization light and scanning electron microscopy), as well as ore exploration. Currently I work in applied geology at the Inspecta laboratory, doing mostly mineralogical studies (scanning electron microscopy, and stereo / polarisation microscopes) and analyzing concrete samples. My previous work was in ore exploration and mapping glacial sedimentological landforms (e.g., eskers, drumlins, dunes) and sediments (from clay to till).

My main interests in planetology concern terrestrial planets and moons, but especially Earth. Comparing Earth geology with other terrestrial planets, find similarities and differences.


  • Conitek: 2020 –present
  • Arctic Planetary Science Institute, Rovaniemi, Finland: 2015–present
  • Past
    • Inspecta oy, Oulu, Finland: 2011–2019
    • Mawson Resources, Finland: 2010
    • Geological Survey of Finland: 2007–2009
    • University of Oulu, Department of Geosciences, Oulu, Finland: 2002–2009

Field study sites

  • Gold and uranium exploration in Mellakoski – Rompas, Ylitornio, Finland, 2010
  • Sedimentological mapping in Northern Karelia, Kainuu and Oulu, Finland, 2007–2009

Other specialities

  • Stereomicroscopy, polarization light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy
  • Mineralogy, soils and sediments, mineral and ore exploration