Marko Aittola

Marko Aittola, PhD

  • Tel: +358 (50) 469 2427
  • Email: Marko.Aittola

Me and my planetary science

I am interested in planetary science in general. Main topics of my research have been volcanism and tectonism, especially on Venus. In addition to planetary sciences I worked for years also as research manager in a particle physic group. After active research career I have worked in and founded research-related and/or science-driven companies.

I would very much like to re-visit Venus, especially the Venera 14 landing site on the Eastern side of Phoebe Region. The interesting thing would be to see (what is left of) the famous camera lens cap, the compressivity of which was measured by the lander’s spring-loaded arm. 🙂


  • Arctic Planetary Science Institute (Vice chair)
  • Muon Solutions Oy (CEO)
  • Pensofabriko (Chief Specialist / owner)
  • Past:
    • University of Oulu 1998–2015

Top five publications