Jari Joutsenvaara

Jari Joutsenvaara, astroparticle physicist

  • Phone: +358 (40) 556 9396
  • Email: Jari.Joutsenvaara

Me and my planetary science

I am generally interested in astroparticle physics and in its applications for studying the subsurface composition of the Earth and its interior.

Currently I am involved into the development of the Callio Lab underground Center for Science and R & D and into cosmic ray physics experiment EMMA at the Centre for Underground Physics in Pyhäsalmi (CUPP) Finland. CUPP is one of the operators at Callio Lab.


  • University of Oulu, Centre for Underground Physics in Pyhäsalmi (CUPP), Finland: 2008–present
  • Artic Planetary Science Institute, Rovaniemi, Finland: 2016–present

Other achievements, positions of trust, etc.

  • Outreach program coordinator for CUPP, 2010–present