APSI projects

Collaboration is one of APSI’s core values. ”APSI Projects” are active research or outreach activities that involve the efforts of at least two (2) APSI members. (For past collaborations, see the finished projects page. For other projects, see individual member pages.)

Projects are listed below by topic. Jump straight to your favourite one by clicking the title:

(C.1) Finnish impact crater book

Project for public outreach and education. Aim is to write about various interesting impact-related topics on the net, and ultimately produce a book on Finnish impact craters. The goal is to get the public to think about nature and the environment in a new way.

The project caught wind in mid-2015. It is run by Teemu Öhman and Jarmo Korteniemi. Visit the project page for more (in both Finnish and English).

(C.2) Dating of Söderfjärden impact structure

This project continues a series of detailed studies on Finnish impact structures. Here, we tackle the age of the beautiful Söderfjärden crater in western Finland. Analysis of a vein in a breccia sample with the Ar/Ar-method implies that the impact event may have been Neoproterozoic or even older – much older than previous biostratigraphic estimates indicating Early Cambrian.

The project was initiated in 2013 by Martin Schmieder (LPI, USA) and Fred Jourdan (Curtin University, Australia), with contributions from Eric Tohver, Celia Mayers and Adam Frew. For more, see the LPSC abstract (2014). Currently, the project is regaining momentum with APSI’s Teemu Öhman and Marko Holma being the driving forces.

(E.1) Finnish dictionary of planetary geology (FDPG)

The project goal is to expand the Finnish vocabulary to include terms within planetary sciences. This will be done by listing the relevant planetary geology terms, translate them and explain them in Finnish. The harmonized dictionary will benefit laymen, media and scientists alike.

The project was initiated in January 2018, and is run by Jarmo Korteniemi and Teemu Öhman.

(M.1) Dao Vallis floor deposits

This project continues our long series of studies on the eastern Hellas basin rim, Mars. In this case we map, analyze and estimate the ages of the floor features of the Dao Vallis canyon in unprecedented detail. Our aim is to figure out the timeline of the events in the canyon. We are also searching for smoking guns, i.e., evidence of channel-forming processes.

Work on this started already in pre-APSI times; see LPSC abstracts (2012, 2013) for more. Project is co-run by Jarmo Korteniemi and Soile Kukkonen.

(M.2) Volcanic features in Eastern Hellas

We search for small previously unrecognized volcanic structures in the region and study their relationships with regional fluvial features. Our aim is to understand the nitty gritty details of the volcano-ice interaction on the Hellas rim.

Work on this started in 2014; see GRL paper (2018) and previous works (JGR 2010, EPSL 2010) for details. Project currently co-run by Jarmo Korteniemi and Soile Kukkonen.

(V.1) Venusian Polygonal Impact Craters

In this project the aim is to study the relationship between polygonal impact craters (PICs) and volcano-tectonic features, mostly coronae, on Venus. The project has so far resulted in four extended abstracts (LPSC 2014, EPSC 2014EPSC 2015LPSC 2015).

This project was initiated very early in APSI’s history, already in 2013. It is run by Soile Kukkonen, Marko Aittola and Teemu Öhman.


EPSC = European Planetary Science Congress
EPSL = Earth and Planetary Science Letters (journal)
GRL = Geophysical Research letters (journal)
JGR = Journal of Geophysical Research (journal)
LPSC = Lunar and Planetary Science Conference